About Me

I am Rasleen, an architect by profession and author by passion. My journey of writing a book started much before I actually put pen to paper. It started when I was just a little babe, as my Grandmother would have said. I still have fond memories of her reading me fairy tales every night. Over the years, I shared her love for the works of authors like Earl Stanley Gardner, Agatha Christie and Barbara Cartland. She introduced me to the world of stories.

I have always been a rebel and the penchant to do what I am told against is in my nature. My parents often encouraged me to devote more time to my school curriculum than pleasure reading. Both being self achievers and rising up the ladder because of education and hard work  had their own ideas and beliefs. Sneaking books home and reading in the light of a night bulb had a charm of its own.  Though I was often caught and punished. Inadvertently my parents fanned my desire to read more and more.

It was my love for reading which later on morphed into writing. You see, I am particularly addicted to mysteries (as my home page clearly states), Christie being my favorite author. After I finished reading and re-reading all Christie titles, I scrounged for a new addiction. Every night I would pick up the work of a new mystery author and wait for it to seduce me like my beloved Christies’ could. Eventually I started exploring other genres and discovered quite a few gems.  But to be honest, cozy murder mysteries are still my favorite reads.

A few years later while reading about the Pulitzer Prize winner author Carol Ann Shields I stumbled upon a quote of hers.

“Write the book you want to read, the one you cannot find.”

It made me think. To cut a long story short. I experimented with writing and loved it. So, yes, here I am, my first book published and available in book stores.

No prizes for guessing, it’s a murder mystery!