Publishing in India


To quote industry experts, “India is a very dynamic, fast-growing market and a good space to be in.”

According to industry body FICCI,  the Indian publishing industry produces over 100,000 titles every year.It is estimated that the number of books published in English is growing by 30 percent a year. Book sales are on the rise, leading to more and more publishing houses coming up and more people turning to writing. This explains the recent arrival of several international publishing houses in our country, Bloomsbury, Simon & Schuster, Hachette Book Publishing India.

This is good news for all the budding authors out there. So keep up the good work and if luck favors you, a published book will soon have your name on it!

So how does this whole publishing process work?

Step 1 – Write a book.

Step 2 – Edit it.

Step 3 – Edit it yet again.

Step 4 – Approach a publisher / Approach a literary agent by sending a query letter. (Expect an answer within 90 days)

Step 5 – When the concerned person shows interest send the book synopsis and sample chapters for their perusal. (Again, expect an answer with 90 days.)

Step 6 – If your sample writing is appreciated, you would be asked for your complete manuscript. (It can take upto 6 months for the final verdict.)

Step 7 – The book contract/ rejection letter comes next.


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