Happily Murdered

    Page_1    Who killed Gulab Sarin?

A Closed House, 9 Suspects, 1 Murderer

   The radiant new daughter-in-law of the influential Mehta family dies mysteriously on the very next night of her wedding. The murder is an inside job, the police are certain. It could be anyone – the adulterous husband, conniving in-laws, jealous friend or the love struck ex-fiancé.

With an aim to save themselves and incriminate others, it is not long before these suspects turn into amateur detectives, hunting for clues and delving into hidden secrets only they can unearth. They coerce, pry and blackmail in an attempt to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Will one of these nine unlikely sleuths finally unravel the mystery behind Gulab’s death and avenge it? Or will the truth die as viciously as Gulab?

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4 thoughts on “Happily Murdered

  1. A must-read for all mystery lovers! Engaging narrative technique, interesting characters, gripping story and jaw-dropping end! Mrs.Rasleen, we definitely are waiting for more and more from you!

  2. A very good book & an amazing story. All the sub plots are connected to the main plot of the story. Your descriptive detail about hills, palace, lake, balustrade, garden, pavilion, bed room layout & balcony layout with respect to the pavilion made me actually imagine the story happening.

    The chapter before the epilogue was actually the most intresting & fascinating chapter, the entire book was revisited again. The transformation from a murder plot to love story was elegant. It also revealed my lack of concentration to obviously who would be the murderer. I have to confess though it made my throat dry and I wanted to drink water, but could not as I wanted to finish reading the book.

    The character of NED has been the most promising, second to gulab. For his smoking habits you have not demonised him, yet you have made his character blossom like a rose in bad waters.
    I think this tendency is there in all of us that inspite of our inadequacies and bad habits we want to be loved unconditionally.

    After reading this book completely female readers may not think or draw the conclusion “you men are all like this only”.

    At last though I have to point out that there are some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, but those can be easily ignored.
    Thanks for reading till here

    • Hi Krishnan,

      Thanks for taking time out to write your feedback to me. I am glad you liked the book but it gives me immense pleasure to read that you were able to relate to the characters and grasp the emotional intent of the book. Your message made me think of a poem I had read sometime back:

      “And she is the reader
      who browses the shelf
      and looks for new worlds
      but finds herself.”
      ― Laura Purdie Salas, BookSpeak!: Poems about Books

      Hope you found a little bit of yourself in my book.

      Be Happy!

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