A Book Review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on its content, style, and merit.  This kind of feedback helps an author improve his/her craft. Book reviews are also important to the readers because they want to know what other people think of it before they buy the book.

I have compiled a list of reviews of ‘Happily Murdered’ where seasoned and established book reviewers and bloggers share their opinion about my work. Do take a look and make an informed decision in case you are planning to invest your money and time by reading my work. Also, do drop in a few lines as comments if you have read my work and feel like sharing your feedback.

“In a world, where sprinkling generous doses of Hindi and using colloquial lingo has become the order of the day, Rasleen Syal makes an entry much like a cool breeze on a hot summery day.”

        Seeta Bodke, The Write Side

Read the full review here.

“I was sucked into the story right from the beginning. I really loved Rasleen’s writing, the way with which she wrote that Prologue had me awestruck and then the more I read more I fell in love with her story-telling style. I really liked how she intertwined present and past stories and left the clues which left me guessing about who the real culprit was. And that ending AH!!! it was unexpected and amazing (storywise) but it was sad, I really cried when I read that (which happens very rarely).
I was like a movie with a nice blend of innocence, drama, deceit, romance and mystery.”
Anubha, Gateway to a Different World
Read the full review here.

“Where the author scores high is the fact that she has taken the Agatha Christie template (that of a family setting, where every member is a suspect and has valid enough motives to have committed the crime) and successfully managed to make it her own with the Mehta and Dulla family saga and the critical role that Gulab Sarin plays in the same. The story begins with the crime itself and ends cleanly with no loose ends left, and that to me is the signature style of an author who knows her craft and also knows how to successfully translate that into action in the form of a novel, a murder mystery no less.”

                                                      Jairam Mohan, Mahabores’s Mumblings

Read the full review here.

“A delicious debut from a talented author. The end, where one of the characters pieces together the jigsaw is the best part perhaps; like I said, it is Poirot-esque, and shows the influence Agatha Christie has had in Rasleen’s writing style.”

Vinay R., A Bookworm’s Musing

Read the full review here.


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